Hard day

Now Tsuyopon in New york

Here is Yankee Stadium

He watched Ichiro

Ichiro hit a home run today


He seems to go to the Statue of Liberty now




I went to the Sirai Trial Park for mowing

I in vited a dog but he did not agree





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    Paul (日曜日, 01 9月 2013 02:11)

    Hi Shuji, why is your son in New York. I think lab is very strange dog. My dog always follow if I leave the house and always go to car if I have key in my hand.

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    Shuji (日曜日, 01 9月 2013 09:59)

    His older sister together went to New york for sightseeing.
    Tsuyoshi is bodyguard of her.
    Japaneae forest is bad environment for dogs.
    Bee, snake, horseflies, mosquitoes and very hot also Humid .
    But in house has work air condition and clean.
    My arm has swollen by being bitten at yesterday.
    Dog also rise when my wife stand up,because dog think go for a walk.
    I think dog hate just forest.