I'm still tired

Instantly past two days.

I was going to do the oil exchange of the car.

But I did not become any mind to do.

I got old too much.


Such I spend time to see sumo broadcast.

My favorite Sumo wrestler is Kisenosato.



He is undefeated to date in the first half.

Do its best for first championship!




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    Paul (火曜日, 21 5月 2013 02:09)

    Hi Shuji, I think you need to get young person to go on buisiness trip instead. You travel to far to many times and now your body also need oil change and service.

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    Shuji (火曜日, 21 5月 2013 19:41)

    Hello Paul
    I do not have oil change, but I have a high-octane swill.
    I think I am drinking too much maybe

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    Paul (火曜日, 21 5月 2013 21:10)

    Hi Shuji. I most nights only drink juice. On nights I drink alcohol I only drink 2 beers.