I end a business trip

I did drive one way 1,300km then I went to the business trip of 3 days.

Yesterday, I ate dinner in train.

But my condition was bud so I Vomited.

Today also not so good.

Today, I ended the meeting early.

And I have moving 600km by the Shinkansen now.



This photo is the dog at last week end in Kyusyu Kumamoto.



And this person is British people give me a comment on this blog always.

Paul do you no need glasses?

I think you are like fat little In comparison with when young

And you became a handsome man


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    Paul (金曜日, 17 5月 2013 15:58)

    Hello Shuji. Yes I need glasses nearly always but I not wear in house. I am now maybe 11 or 12 kg heavier. You look very distinguished with you glasses. I hope you feel healthy now.